Sunday and Weekday Mass Schedule in Derriaghy Colin

There a will be changes to our Mass timetable from 27th of November for a period of two weeks due to the latest restrictions issued by the NI Executuve. Churches will be closed and online Mass will be broadcast from St. Colman’s. Click here for online Mass times.

The timetable below will resume on 11th December all being well.

To ensure the safety of attendees, the capacity of St. Colman’s Church is 78. Please do not attend Mass if you are feeling in any way unwell. Those who are vulnerable are urged to be cautious. The obligation to attend Mass remains suspended while the pandemic is ongoing. Mass will continue to be live-streamed from St. Colman’s Church on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, for those in the Pastoral Community who wish to participate in this way.

To download this schedule, click here.

Sunday Mass Times

Saint Luke’s – 10.00am

Nativity – 10.30am

Our Lady Queen of Peace – 10.30am

Christ the Redeemer – 11.00am

Saint Colman’s – 12.00pm


Weekday Mass Times



Christ the Redeemer – 10.00am

Nativity – 10.00am

Saint Luke’s – 6.30pm



Saint Colman’s – 10.00am

Our Lady Queen of Peace – 6.30pm



Our Lady Queen of Peace – 10.00am


Saint Luke’s – 10.00am

Nativity – 10.00am



Saint Colman’s – 10.00am

Christ the Redeemer – 6.30pm