Updated Information for Parishes (updated 19th November)


Information on the new restrictions that will come into force at 12.01 am on 27 November 2020, including what they mean for you and what they mean for business.

New restrictions have been agreed to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 within the community.

The single most important action we can all take to fight coronavirus, to save lives, and to help our Health and Social Care system cope with current pressures is to stay at home.

There should be no household gatherings, other than those involving support bubbles.

You should work from home if at all possible. Only leave for essential purposes such as education, healthcare needs, to care for others, or outdoor exercise.

Places of worship

Places of worship must close, except for funerals and weddings (limited to 25 people), or to broadcast an act of worship.


When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we reduce the spread of the infection.


That is why the following restrictions will apply from 12.01 am on 27 November 2020, for two weeks.

Everyone is legally required to comply with the regulations.


For further information visit: www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-regulations-guidance-restrictions-27-november-2020